One day you will fall in love he said,

Turned his face and walked away.

I singed his heart with my ways;

My detached calculative cold ways.

‘I love you”, he said

‘From the heart of my hearts and soul of my soul.’

But all I did was read my books

He was a confidant, aide and friend,

Never the lover he intended.

I was raised to be a conformist,

But I turned into a rebel instead.

I rebelled to agree to your proposal

I rebelled to the luxuries you offered

I rebelled to your “madame”

I rebelled to hold your hand and walk the path,

Because the authors had more adventure, and the

Poets more romance.

You never understood the love ,

Of a wandering heart and curious soul,

I fell in love with unknown people

Yearned for places I never knew

I desired for more than you had to offer;

Or any man at all.

I fell in love everyday, and turned a page, and walked away.